In 2007, after months of being pressured by the other DJ’s in the chat room,

Les Dugger signed up as AiiR DJ “3m2” (A play on words to represent his bands

name, "3 Minute Movie"). His quirky song styling crosses over to his approach

to broadcasting. Media clips, satiric commercials/promos, off beat humor, and

a generous supply of songs, round out his shows. He spins a mix of Hard Rock,

Alternative, Garage, Pop Rock,Punk, ska.

DJ "Karl" is DJ "3m2's" alter ego. An alien from Oozeburg on a work visa,

Karl is dedicated to his duties assigned to him by the "Burgies" high command.

(Probing cattle in the USA for scientific research) On his off hours, DJ "Karl"

plays a mix of strange, weird, and comedic songs.

DJ “3m2” and DJ "Karl" are open for business! Tune in and hear a great mix of

Independent music LIVE from the Mojave Desert,in Sunny Southern California, USA.

DJ"3m2"- Fridays, 10:00pm-12:00am, est / DJ "Karl"- TBA